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letterbox. I read it with interest and was surprised how much has changed in the Corps since my
days. I concluded that I was happy to have served in the 70s and 80s when there were still lots of
overseas postings, especially in BAOR. While looking through the RMPA Section, I spotted a photo
of Percy Powell looking resplendent in his Mayoral robes. I believe Percy was stationed at Hohne
when I was a Cpl in Verden Det, 111 Pro Coy. I also went into local politics after leaving the Corps
and was an Independent Town Councillor for 17 years and was a Town Mayor in 1996/7. Photo
attached of me in my Mayoral robes with my daughter Heather, who was my Mayoress. I wonder how
many other former Corps colleagues swapped their red caps for red robes? While on the subject of
111 Pro Coy, while searching through some old photo's the other day, I came across the attached
newspaper cutting from 1975, when 111 Pro Coy won "Exercise Tri-Cap" in BAOR. I was a member
of that winning team and I thought that seeing the article may bring back memories from 42 years ago
to some of your readers. As well as Geoff Borton, shown receiving the winners’ trophy, I can recall
that Pete Hunt, Steve Highton, Harry Wragg, Dai Evans and the late George Aitken were all members
of the winning team. Happy memories and I just wish I could still do the things I did then.’ Ed: Sorry I
had to squeeze the photographs in, they just did not want to be separated and I have no idea why.


          It was not long before Jim McIntosh responded to the press cutting sent to me by Wally
Payne and featured above. Jim sent in a photograph of the somewhat triumphant RMP team in Hong
Kong some forty-five years ago. To the best of Jim’s recollection we have from left to right at the rear:
Jim (surname unknown), Brian Jones, Jack Scadding, Lee Hui, Dave Cooper, Mick Holes and Tom
Gardiner. Kneeling: Wally Payne, Pete Nicholl, Jim McIntosh, Wong Siu Ming, Taffy Davies and Tse
Fo Tse. Jim suggested doing a sports special so let me be having your sporting pics. The ones when
shorts were shorts and cricketers played in white.

          Jack Garthwaite had his grey matter stirred by the last edition. He said, ‘Thanks for all the
work you put into the newsletters. I notice in the latest an item put in by Ken Chamberlain of 192 Coy
and I wonder if you could forward my best wishes to him. He may not remember me as I was only
there for about 5 or 6 months before going to 17th Gurkha Div Malay but have never forgot some of
the guys there for their humour, Ken being one along with Alfie Oldfield and Spider Hale, I think that
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