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was his name; it was a good crowd, mind you as it was elsewhere.’ Ed: By now Jack’s message has
been sent to Ken and the proof of that is in a message received from Ken below.

          ‘Thank you so much for forwarding Jack's message, as the say the name rings a bell, but I
can't put a face to it...It is really nice to be remembered like that. Alfie Oldfield, now there's a name
from the distant past. He came from Peckham if I remember and to say the least he was a character. I
often wonder what happened to him. I am forwarding a photo of 192 Pro Coy taken in the summer of
55. We were entertaining a group of Reservists. They are not wearing red tops which I know is a bit
hard to tell in a black and white photo. Yours truly in the second from the front row 5th from the left.
At 6' 1" I didn't realise how short I was.’

          Alec Hayton, whilst having a little clear out of the drawer in his desk came across the
following photograph which shows members of 12 Infantry Brigade Provost Unit RMP, in Osnabruck
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