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which he replied, “Sir, I would hope that I could tell the difference between a wild piyard dog and a
pedigree dog. Its back was broken due to being hit and run over by a lorry. It was in terrible pain and
there was no alternative”. He was thanked for his action.

          From Abu Sultan he moved to Suez in late 1955 and remembers an incident when a break-in
happened at the Royal Engineers Depot. A RMP NCO, Reg Quirk, was on patrol when he discovered
a group of Egyptians inside the compound stealing engineering parts, so he confronted them and let
his dog loose. His dog brought one of the Egyptians down, but the dog was stabbed. Reg marched
the Egyptian back to the Guard Room, and his dog limped back with him. So the alarm was sounded
and all RMP were called out. They rounded up two Egyptians up and took them in for questioning,
and locked them in cages, but Reg said that there were at least six Egyptians involved originally.
Reg’s dog later died. Some of the Engineers wanted to ‘beat-up’ the Egyptians, but the military police
moved the soldiers away. In 1955 our man moved on to Tel-el Kebir, where he spent Christmas. In
January of 1956 he returned to El Kirch and handed Tam back to the Veterinary Corps. He then
moved to Moascar but the Garrison was gradually closed and Frank and George Baldwin were the
last two military policemen to leave. Tam was transferred to Cyprus in February 1956 and Frank was
transported up to Port Said and caught the troopship Empire Ken which sailed to Tripoli via Malta.”

          Frank remembers a number of names from his time and they are, George Baldwin
(deceased), Taffy Kenwood, Neville Hammond, Lofty Quarterman, Scott King, Ginger Thornton, Reg

                                                                                   Quirk and someone called Bill who had
                                                                                   two boxer dogs.

                                                                                              Mrs Harrison sent a photo
                                                                                   taken of the squad and provided the
                                                                                   following names: Rear Row: A
                                                                                   Tomsett, J Gaunt, DH Toft, G Doulton,
                                                                                   D Lewis, DJ Mauri and George Watts.
                                                                                   Middle Row: A Martin, A Brown, N
                                                                                   Hammond, J Slope, R Taylor, CH
                                                                                   Johnson, A Barber and Frank Harrison.
                                                                                   Front Row: D Pell, T Dale, George
                                                                                   Baldwin, K Willis, Sgt Jack Sigley, F
                                                                                   Munsey, PJ Shaw, H Teed and J Hogg.
                                                                                   If anyone can provide any information
                                                                                   please contact me.


Former 23210674 Corporal Robert Carmichael, passed away on the 2nd March 2017 at the age of 81
years. He trained at Woking in Squad 445 in 1954 and went on to serve for six years with 165
Provost Company, 170 Provost Company and with 4 Dog Company in Hong Kong. He was medically
discharged in 1960. Bob, a staunch member of Scotland Central Branch, was a very keen golfer in
his younger days but loved to socialise in his latter days at his Golf Club. He was very good at writing
poetry and spent many an hour reading the works of Rabbie Burns. He had many stories to tell of his
time in the Corps but one particular one was about his training at 4 Dog Unit of his boxer dog called
Haiko. He taught Haiko to salute whenever he did. Haiko became a celebrity and Bob was often
woken up after a night duty to hurriedly get dressed and show him off to visiting VIPs.

Former 22063369 Lance Corporal Denys Damen, aged 86 years, passed away on the 24th March
2017. He was a founding member of the Dorset Branch and completed his National Service with the
Corps being stationed in Chatham and Dover. His funeral will take place on the 12th April 2017 at the
Poole Crematorium commencing at 1100 hrs.

Derek Leslie Hagger passed away on the 9th March 2017. He trained in Squad 581 in 1956 and went
on to complete his National Service in Famagusta, Cyprus with 51 Brigade Provost Company RMP.
Following his demob he joined the civilian police for a short period before emigrating to Australia
where he took up a career in the electronics industry.
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